Inventory Management Services

Track every product and every dollar

Track your products at every stage, and realize revenue potential with every product that makes it through the supply chain. Capture sales data and track product volumes, and make informed decisions to guide production, fulfillment, and distribution.

Data-Driven Inventory Management

At Armstrong Warehousing, our commitment is a robust and transparent inventor management system. At the core of our process is a cutting-edge tracking system that allows us to monitor your products at every stage of the supply chain, from warehousing and fulfillment, to delivery to satisfied customers.

A Fully Integrated Inventory Management Solution

Our proven inventory management technology provides actionable insights for improving warehousing and storage, all the way to order fulfillment and shipping.

Warehouse Management System

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is fully integrated for third-party logistics, from receiving and order picking, to fulfillment and shipping. We offer full transparency and control over tracking and managing the flow of your products, and generating data-driven sales insights.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

With full integration into your e-commerce platform, we can seamlessly capture customer orders for picking and fulfillment, and support customer success through accurate and timely delivery. Our EDI integration supports the most widely used business documents, including EDI X12 and all subsets, along with configurable XML documents, flat files, custom text documents, and other configurable, pre-loaded application adapters.

Online Access

We provide transparency at every stage of your product’s life cycle – from receiving and warehousing, to order picking and packing, fulfillment, and shipping. Access inventory data, including SKU lists, balances, receipts, and shipments through our WMS.

Custom Inventory Management

Need any other inventory management service? Armstrong Warehousing is committed to fulfilling your inventory tracking and management requirements to support your sales programs. Talk to our logistics specialists about your exact needs, and we’ll tailor these services for you.

How Inventory Management Works

Step 1: Warehousing
Our logistics team will receive all inbound shipments, and unload and inspect all products for storage, awaiting order fulfillment.

Step 2: Inventory update
We will update our in-house WMS with new product quantities, SKU, lot, and other essential information, providing you full access to product data as it moves in our warehouse for upcoming order fulfillment.

Step 3: Tracking
Generate sales reports, inventory balances, and shipping documents as products move across the supply chain, and monitor their revenue performance to make informed decisions regarding production and distribution.

Inventory Management Features

Discover the Armstrong difference in inventory management. See how we make inventory tracking and control transparent and fully supportive of your sales programs and forecasts.

  • Inventory Control: Our in-house WMS is built to provide a full view of your inventory data using barcode scans at every step of warehousing, order picking and packing, fulfillment, and delivery. Track product movement to ensure proper, efficient flow from the production floor to our warehouse, and into customers’ hands.
  • Reporting and forecasting: Capture daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales data against inventory flow. Generate value-adding insights into optimizing production quantities and replenishment based on sales performance and customer satisfaction.
  • EDI support and real-time access: Our EDI integration offers the widest compatibility range with various in-house e-commerce and retail systems. Through joint inventory and sales tracking, we can help you manage your inventory, optimize configuration throughout your supply chain, and scale production strategically according to forecasted product demand and sales.

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