Custom Logistics Solutions

Every client faces unique supply chain conditions, from product handling to importing. For these, we develop and deliver the exact logistics solution you need to support warehousing, order fulfillment, distribution — and ultimately, customer satisfaction

For the Valued Customer, We Go Above and Beyond
Do you require more than the standard logistics services? Our team of logistics professionals are here to help. We believe you deserve above and beyond cookie-cutter solutions, and we are here to deliver. Get exactly the tailored logistics solutions you need to optimize your supply chain, reach satisfied customers, and realize revenue potential. Learn how:

Step 1: Logistics Assessment
Tell us about your logistics requirements across the entire supply chain, from container de-stuffing of inbound deliveries and warehousing, to order picking, fulfillment, and distribution.

Step 2: Select Value-Added Services
Our logistics experts will work with you to determine potential barriers and challenges, such as compliance standards and import/export documentation. We will recommend the right value-added warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution solutions, and tailor a logistics plan fit to your exact needs.

Step 3: Operation
We will handle all your third-party logistics needs, including both standard and custom solutions to ensure fast fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Custom Logistics and Warehouse Solutions

Armstrong Warehousing is proud to support retailers, manufacturers, and corporate clients across Canada. Our third-party logistics solutions are tailored to your company size, industry, customer specifications, and other unique considerations. At the core of our expertise is proven industry experience in assessing your logistics needs, and providing value-added solutions. Ultimately, we have one shared goal: positive customer experiences.

  • Cross-Docking and Trans-Loading

We unload, sort, and directly reload your products onto either outbound trucks (cross-docking), or prepare for long-haul shipments across multiple modes of transit (trans-loading).

  • Packaging and Repackaging

We carefully assess components and dimension weight to ensure shipment compatibility and product integrity, especially for long-haul transport. We can also repackage products prior to shipment for necessary adjustments like branding and customization, and modifications to pre-assembled kits.

  • Kitting Projects

With bulk rates and shipping discounts, many customers order multiple products to ship together. We pick and pack these orders for fulfillment, and ensure that component parts, accessories, and other related items are conveniently packaged and shipped together to comprise a complete kit.

  • Point-of-Purchase Display Assembly

We don’t just fulfill and distribute orders — we help you connect with customers and build the foundation for long-term trust. Our logistics professionals will assemble proof-of-purchase displays for use in-store and other strategic locations, and create a pipeline for shopping special offers.

  • Labeling Eaches, Inners, and Cases

A value-added service to our pick-and-pack fulfillment process, our logistics professionals will label packaging units like eaches, inners, and cases to ensure speed and accuracy during packing, and product integrity during transport.

  • Inventory Checks and Cycle Counts

On top of regular inventory tracking and management, we also conduct inventory checks and cycle counts. Inventory checks are our transparency and accountability guarantee: we confirm product quantities and their condition as encoded in our system through physical verification. We support this process with cycle counts, wherein we account for the number of items in our warehouse, on top of counting the entire inventory to make sure that all the numbers add up.

  • Warehouse Services Across Canada

Wherever you are in Canada, we can help. As a 3PL provider, we help you scale for growth and reach new markets. Once we receive your inbound deliveries, we can store your products, fulfill orders, and distribute them on your behalf.

  • Transportation

Our distribution arm is supported by the most reputable carriers in Canada. Aside from standard courier and trucking services, we also work with specialized carriers with proven expertise in handling unique shipments. Our partner-carriers include both local and national couriers, and offer LTL (less than truckload), TL (full truckload), and drayage services to make sure each shipment reaches its final destination safely.

  • Drayage

Our drayage services allow us to ship your products to short distances via ground freight, and fill in gaps in intermodal shipping. Together with our partner-carriers, we can move large containers for truck, ship, or rail transport, and facilitate a smooth delivery to eager customers.

  • Customs Clearing

We handle all customs documents and requirements, including import/export declarations, tariffs, and duties. We help you grow your business beyond borders.

  • Need a Custom 3PL Solution?

Armstrong Warehousing is dedicated to delivering industry-leading 3PL solutions — that includes custom services designed just for you. We have the capacity to develop and scale custom logistics services to meet your exact warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution needs.