Retail Distribution Services

We Bring Your Products to Market

The right placement makes a best-seller. Customers trust a product they can easily find, at retailers they know and frequent. We help you get there.

Building Your Distribution Pipeline

See Our Distribution Process in Action

Our distribution network is robust. We have established partnerships with both major and independent retailers across Canada, allowing us to help you place your products in prime locations, and directly in front of customers.

Step 1: Planning
We help you identify the right retailers for distribution to reach your customer base, and expand into new markets.

Step 2: Fulfillment
We pick and pack all orders for distribution according to required documentation, retailer specifications, and secure transport requirements.

Step 3: Transport
We load all shipments into appropriate containers for secure transport. Our logistics experts consider weight distribution, temperature requirements, and compatibility with co-loaded products to ensure compliance and maintain product integrity.

Step 4: Distribution and Placement
Once your products have arrived at their final destination, we carefully unload and inspect them before endorsement to retailers’ inventory systems.

Fast and Reliable Distribution

Modern Retail Solutions for the Modern Customer

At Armstrong, we understand the changing landscape of retail, and the evolving customer needs that manufacturers need to keep up with. We built our 3PL distribution solutions with these in mind.

  • Full Truck Loads: Shipping large product quantities? We distribute full truck loads of products for large-scale manufacturers who move large product volumes to mass retailers across Canada.
  • Less Than Truck Loads: For when you’re moving a lot, but not enough product quantities to stock up an entire truck, we offer LTL distribution.
  • Combined e-commerce and distribution: Our fully integrated warehousing service means we can store your products, capture customer orders from your e-commerce platform, and initiate pick-and-pack order fulfillment for transportation and distribution.
  • Parcel delivery: Are your customers expecting special shipments? We work with specialized couriers to deliver individual parcels to customers in a fast, safe, and personalized manner.
  • Integrated inventory management: Our inventory management system is fully accessible via unique login to our online vendor management portal.

We Place Your Products Where It Matters

At Armstrong, we make the customer journey worth it. From the production floor to our warehouse, and through transit, we know just how far your products have traveled. Now approaching their final destination, we make sure they land exactly where needed: directly in front of customers.

  • Established partnerships: We work with the biggest retailers and wholesalers, as well as independent stores all across Canada.
  • Expert handling: Our team of logistics professionals work closely with our transportation and distribution partners to ensure that your products are properly loaded for secure transport.
  • Tracking and control: Our integrated warehouse and inventory management systems provide full visibility and control over the status of your shipments, and allow you track expected revenue pipelines as merchandise moves through our distribution network.