Temperature & Humidity Controlled Storage Units

Armstrong Warehousing offers a complete third-party logistics solution that begins with secure storage. We keep your products safe and in brand-new condition to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Guarantee is Peace of Mind

Our storage facility is clean, fully secure, and temperature- and humidity-controlled. Our entire order fulfillment process takes place here, from inbound delivery and storage, to order picking and dispatch for delivery.

Armstrong Warehousing is conveniently located in the GTA, close to major gateways for inbound and outbound shipping. With fast access to the Pearson International Airport, all the major 400-series highways, and ship and rail container depots, we can receive and store your products right away, and fulfill orders in no time.

The Armstrong Way of Product Storage

Our warehouse and storage facility is fully equipped with full-time security and built for safe product handling. We maintain product integrity at every stage of the process, so both you and your customers are guaranteed value in every transaction.

Step 1: Inbound Delivery
We unload and de-stuff all inbound containers at our secure loading docks, and inspect all products to certify that they are in good condition prior to sorting and storage for future fulfillment.

Step 2: Storage
We offer rack and floor storage for your inventory in our clean, secure, and climate-controlled facility. While in storage, we guarantee safety and product integrity to avoid costly inventory losses.

Step 3: Inventory Tracking
Our warehouse management system is fully integrated with your e-commerce platform. Track inventory quantities against order volumes, and generate data-driven insights into restocking timelines and sales performance.

Climate Control

The best products need special care and attention. At Armstrong Warehousing, we keep climate at bay. Our storage facilities are built with smart climate control systems that maintain stable, optimal climate conditions year-round: 20 degrees Celsius, at 50% relative humidity.

Highest Security Standards

We use a vast network of security systems to monitor the premises, including 24/7 security alarms, burglar alarms, and advanced smoke and liquid detection systems. Items in storage can only be accessed by authorized personnel through biometric access control.

High-Value Merchandise

At Armstrong, we share your appreciation for the finer things in life. Our high-security and climate-controlled facilities are equipped to store high-value merchandise and collections, including fine art, wines, and antiques.

Inventory Management

We use a robust, cutting-edge inventory management system that offers full scanning, tracking, and reporting capabilities. Track every product as it moves along the supply chain, from storage to order picking and fulfillment. Generate data-driven insights into key performance indicators (KPIs), such as inventory volume and fulfillment rate according to your sales reporting cycles.

Our Warehouse and Storage Facility

Take a look inside Armstrong Warehousing, and see how we deliver the best in third-party logistics at our facility. See the Armstrong advantage in action: our large, spacious warehouse, climate control capabilities, and unmatched asset security — all at a premier location in the GTA’s business centre:

High-volume storage and warehousing capacity:

  • 115,000 sq. ft of bulk industry-grade steel racks, floor, and private vault storage space
  • Clean, dry, and temperature- and humidity-controlled storage, with frequent maintenance, inspection, and sanitation to maintain product integrity
  • Full access drive-in ramp, dock-level doors with covered staging areas, and 14 bay doors with adjustable dock plates for various truck and container sizes

Storage security:

  • Well-lit premises and gated yard
  • 24/7 interior and exterior security camera monitoring
  • Biometric access control systems
  • Fire, liquid, and burglar detection systems.

Green Storage

  • Reduced carbon footprint and green warehousing techniques, including weatherproofing roofing, dock doors, dock levellers, man-doors, and sidings
  • LED dock signal, yard pole, wall packs, and outdoor lightings, with individual occupancy sensors
  • Paperless operations and on-site recycling compactor.

Product Placement in Market Gateways

At Armstrong Warehousing, we built our third-party logistics service on pure science — starting with our convenient location. With strategic access to market gateways, we help you but your business on the map, and bring you closer to satisfied customers.

  • Fastest storage and fulfillment: We are located in Mississauga, at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, close to business centres. With fast access to the Pearson International Airport, ship and rail container depots, and all the major 400-series highways, we can receive inbound shipments sooner, and fulfill orders for delivery faster.
  • Secure Storage: Our state-of-the-art warehouse and storage facility is engineered for durability and product integrity. Our available storage space is more than generous and capable of high-volume inventory management, including racked and floor-loaded items. Nothing gets past our 24/7 security cameras, fire and liquid detection systems, and biometric access control.
  • Expert Materials Handling: We work with only the best logistics professionals and materials handling equipment. We built our entire warehousing and storage operation on these core strengths, and constantly innovate on third-party logistics solutions as industry standards and customer demands evolve.