Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The Armstrong System

Our Warehouse Management System is robust — built for the long haul of the full product cycle and the entire supply chain. At the core of our fully integrated, turn-key 3PL service is a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) that allows us to manage and deliver these processes seamlessly. Discover a new way to manage your inventory and track every product, while leaving the heavy lifting to us.

Meet the Armstrong WMS

A Smart New Way to Manage Your Business

Our guarantee is a fully transparent, but hassle-free inventory management process.

  • Comprehensive inventory updates: Our WMS provides automatic updates throughout inbound product shipments, storage, order picking and packing, fulfillment, and shipping.
  • Inventory scanning: We use cutting-edge, industrial-grade handheld computer scanners with long range radio-frequency (RF) scanning, as well as license plate barcoding.
  • Full documentation: Our WMS is fully capable of generating custom paperwork and reports that you and your customers need.

How Our WMS Works

Step 1: Scanning
We scan all products at every stage of the supply chain, from inbound delivery and storage, to order picking, fulfillment and delivery.

Step 2: Inventory update and tracking
Our WMS provides a comprehensive view of your inventory, including product quantities, SKU, lot, and other data.

Step 3: Order capture and fulfillment
We offer full WMS integration with your e-commerce and retail platform, allowing us to seamlessly capture customer orders and initiate order picking and fulfillment as soon as these are placed.

Step 4: Shipping
Complete the full cycle of inventory tracking with shipment and distribution. Track products as these move out of our warehouse and into distribution channels for delivery to customers.

Our Inventory Control Systems

Armstrong Warehousing is committed to helping you drive efficiency in inventory flows, and realize the revenue potential of every product.

  • Complete inventory records: Our WMS is fully capable of producing customized inventory records with complete barcode scans to ensure that inventory flows properly across the supply chain.
  • Management reporting: Generate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual inventory reports to measure sales and revenue performance against your company’s KPIs.
  • EDI support: We offer EDI support for a wide range of e-commerce platforms.
  • Inventory counts: We conduct regularly scheduled inventory counts to maintain accuracy and efficiency.

Accountability – With No Strings Attached

Our commitment is robust and transparent warehouse management to deliver customer success.

  • Comprehensive warehouse management: Our technology allows us to account for all inventory in our facility, track orders in fulfillment, and ensure fast and safe distribution.
  • Security: Our warehouse is equipped with 24/7 security controls to keep your inventory secure, and our warehouse management platform is accessible only by authorized users to maintain accountability and accuracy.
  • Leading technology: Our logistics experts are constantly working to improve and customize our warehouse management technology to meet and grow with your changing needs. We are constantly developing new integrations with your in-house systems in order to better reflect your processes, product data, and reporting requirements.