Warehousing Services & Solutions

Customer satisfaction, guaranteed. Build customer trust with positive experiences from shopping, to order picking and fulfillment. Armstrong Warehousing helps you reach customers safely and on-time.

Behind Every Sale Is a Reliable Order Fulfillment System

At Armstrong Warehousing, we share your mission of cultivating strong customer relationships. We understand the changing demands of modern retail, especially with the growth of e-commerce — and we’re here to help you navigate a new, streamlined system of moving your products to market. With full inventory and e-commerce integration, we can capture sales and fulfill orders, while you focus on developing the next big product.

Warehousing Services

Our Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Services

Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment

Trust our trained logistics experts with full-cycle product storage, order picking, and packing for distribution. Our warehousing and fulfillment facility is fully equipped to handle small and large order volumes, and deliver these safely, on-time, and according to customer specifications.

  • Secure and organized product storage
  • E-commerce order capture and automatic inventory update
  • Accurate order picking using our full-scale warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Packing and shipment preparation according various requirements, including shrink-wrap, CHEP pallet dimension and weight restrictions, SKU preparation, and custom paperwork
  • Dispatch via courier, tracking service, or customer pick-up with guaranteed on-time delivery.

Container De-Stuffing

For when your products arrive: get automatic inventory updates as we restock your supply chain in preparation for meeting customer demand. We unload and inspect all inbound containers, and sort products for secure storage and future order fulfillment.

Our warehouse management system will capture updated inventory data, and provide insights to guide you with timely restocking and improving production and fulfillment timelines.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Armstrong Warehousing operates a fully climate-controlled storage facility. Our storage units are equipped for clean and secure storage of various items, from inventory and equipment to high-value assets.

Our storage facility is fully equipped with 24-hour video surveillance, fire and smoke detection alarms, and biometric access control for complete security and asset protection. Whether purely for storage or future fulfillment, we preserve the condition of your assets in short- or long-term storage.

Customized Warehousing Services

Do you have specific logistics requirements? As a third-party logistics specialist, we are fully equipped to provide custom warehousing and order fulfillment services. We can help you meet compliance standards, customer specifications, and other special requirements. We offer:

  • Cross-docking and trans-loading services
  • Packaging and repackaging services for secure transport
  • Kitting projects
  • Point-of-purchase display assembly
  • Labeling of eaches, inners, and cases
  • Inventory updates and cycle counts
  • Warehouse services across Canada
  • Customs clearance of imports and exports
  • Drayage
  • Transportation.

Related Logistics Services

Complete order fulfillment and ensure a positive customer experience with the next steps in distribution and sales:

  • Inventory Management: Track inventory count with fully integrated fulfillment to generate data-driven production and sales insights.
  • Transportation and Distribution: Dispatch orders following fulfillment, and guarantee safe, on-time delivery to happy customers.

How Order Fulfillment Works

Step 1: Container De-Stuffing
We unload, inspect, and store products as containers arrive at our location, and update our inventory management system to reflect available product quantities for future fulfillment.

Step 2: Order Capture
Our fully integrated warehouse management system captures customer orders from your e-commerce platform.

Step 3: Order Picking
We pick and pack orders for fulfillment, according to compliance standards, customer specifications, and secure transport requirements.

Step 4: Shipment Information
Once fulfilled, we provide tracking information to customers on your e-commerce platform via our integrated warehouse management system.

Step 5: Order Dispatch
Orders are dispatched from our location, and delivered via courier or trucking service, or arranged for customer pick-up.

order fulfillment services

E-Commerce Made Easy

Achieve 100% customer satisfaction with seamless shopping and order fulfillment, and on-time delivery. Armstrong Warehousing is your e-commerce and retail partner.

We are proud to support Canadian retailers, and we are here to help every business reach customers and grow their footprint in new markets. Our complete warehousing and order fulfillment service has helped countless retailers improve customer service and product delivery, and exceed revenue targets. We set up your e-commerce enterprise for success.

As a third-party logistics specialist, we are fully equipped to manage every step of your outbound supply chain, from product warehousing to order picking, fulfillment, and dispatch. We do the heavy lifting, so you can sell to anyone, anywhere without the large infrastructure investment. Instead, we take care of the logistics, so you can focus on product development, while we deliver your products to market, and cultivate positive customer experiences.

Grow with Armstrong Warehousing

Order Fulfillment for All Retailer Sizes

Our third-party logistics solutions are fully scalable for all types and sizes of retailers. Many niche and small-scale providers typically don’t qualify for warehousing and fulfillment — but not with us. We welcome all retailers with varying product quantities, and offer full warehousing and fulfillment support.

Clean, Secure, and Cutting-Edge Facility

Our warehouse facility is conveniently located in the GTA, close to the Pearson International Airport, major 400-series highways, and ship and rail container depots in Toronto and Mississauga. Our highly accessible location reduces transport time of your inbound containers to our warehouse, allowing us to sort and store products right away, and prepare for fast fulfillment and dispatch.

Decades of Logistics Expertise

We have spent the past 60 years learning and innovating to prepare for the next 60. Our logistics expertise is backed by industry knowledge, training, and cutting-edge technology. Our third-party logistics solutions evolve along with our clients’ needs, allowing us to stay ahead of industry standards in turn-key warehousing, order fulfillment, and dispatch. Embark on a journey of seamless logistics with our Toronto-based warehousing services, offering tailored solutions for all your storage and distribution requirements.

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