Warehousing EDI

We Help You Manage E-Commerce Sales

The shift to e-commerce retail means a smaller physical footprint, while growing a digital presence. We help you deliver in just a few clicks, and scale your footprint to emerging markets and previously untapped customer segments.

E-Commerce Success with Electronic Data Interchange

Armstrong Warehousing uses a leading Electronic Data Interchange system. Our EDI technology allows us to take full control of your e-commerce order fulfillment and delivery process, and features full e-commerce integration capabilities.

E-Commerce Made Easy

How EDI Works

Discover how our 3PL solutions transform e-commerce retail management:

Step 1: E-commerce Integration
Our EDI technology supports seamless integrations with multiple e-commerce platforms and sales channels to support your sales program.

Step 2: Order capture
With full EDI and e-commerce integration, we can automatically capture customer orders as soon as these are received on your system, and initiate the fulfillment process.

Step 3: Fulfillment
We manage your inventory across all sales channels, and pick and pack orders for fulfillment. We also notify you when stocks are running low to ensure timely restocking and sales continuity.

Step 4: Shipping
Through our EDI integration, we generate and supply shipping information, and ensure that tracking data is synced with your e-commerce platform for easy access and monitoring by customers.

A Smart, New Way to Manage E-Commerce and Sales

Discover the Armstrong difference. Our commitment is a fast, hassle-free order receiving and fulfillment process. See how our EDI integration helps you fulfill orders seamlessly, and deliver positive customer experiences.

  • Seamless order fulfillment communication: With full e-commerce integration, we can eliminate bottlenecks in communication, and ensure accuracy of customer orders and data.
  • Wide-range compatibility: We support a wide range of business documents for e-commerce integrations, including EDI X12 and all subsets, configurable XML documents, flat files, custom text documents, and other configurable, pre-loaded application adapters to suit your EDI requirements.
  • Inventory management: Our EDI technology is fully compatible and integrated with our WMS. As customer orders are captured and processed, inventory counts are also automatically updated to reflect accurate product quantities in our warehouse.
  • Shipping management: With automated order processing, we also generate shipping information once orders are fulfilled and ready to be shipped. Tracking information is automatically uploaded to your e-commerce platform, so customers can track their
  • Reporting and forecasting: Monitor sales and revenue, along with available inventory in our warehouse. Generate data-driven insights to guide demand forecasting and production targets, avoid overselling, and optimize inventory flows according to sales performance.