Logistics & Management Courses

Your logistics professional is trained to perfection

Our College is a huge part of the Armstrong difference. We’ve designed a curriculum that ensures all of our team members are at the top of their game and ready to execute your logistics requirements. We recognize that the logistics part of any business may be one of the most stressful. We’re here to make sure the stress is minimal for you and your business during the warehousing and distribution part of the supply chain.

Many of our students (past and present) are from the Mississauga area.

Our Warehouse is located close by (Mississauga) making it an ideal place for employment as well.

At Armstrong, the educational journey is never over. Our program even includes a health and wellness series – Armstrong team members are taught the importance of being in-shape and energized to better assist you with your logistics needs. We do our best to see all the challenges of logistics and train our employees to be completely proactive. At Armstrong, we’re students for life. We believe there’s always a way to be better and we strive to constantly educate our staff so our team is the best it can be.