Container De-Stuffing & Unloading Services

You worked extremely hard to create the perfect product. We make sure it reaches customers in the perfect condition — exactly as designed, and functional.

Trust the Handling Experts

At Armstrong Warehousing, de-stuffing and reloading are the backbone of our warehousing and order fulfillment service.

Our full-cycle logistics solution begins with the inbound shipment of your products to our location, and culminates with their dispatch for distribution. Our process is built on extreme caution, and careful handling to maintain optimal product quality and realize revenue potential.

Container De-Stuffing

Our logistics professionals coordinate all inbound deliveries to our location, from unpacking to inventory capture for fast fulfillment. We comply with product handling and storage specifications, and use quality material handling equipment to facilitate a smooth transfer.

Container Reloading

When it’s time to ship out, we’ll put everything not simply back in place, but better and safer for optimal transport conditions and seamless distribution.

Our full-cycle product handling process culminates in container reloading. Once orders are fulfilled and packaged, we carefully reload them back into containers for distribution.

Armstrong’s logistics professionals carefully consider product dimensions, secure transport conditions, and components to make sure that inventory shipments are safe and compatible. Our process is fast, strategic, and data-driven to ensure safety, product quality, and on-time delivery.

The Armstrong Way of De-Stuffing and Reloading

At Armstrong Warehousing, we’ve gotten container de-stuffing and reloading down to a science. We like to think of dropshipping as organized chaos — we pack and unpack strategically to streamline the crucial start and end points of order fulfillment.

Step 1: Inbound Delivery
We coordinate every inbound delivery down to the minute to optimize storage, inventory update, and fulfillment times. We prepare loading dock access and material handling equipment to ensure a fast and smooth container de-stuffing and product unloading process.

Step 2: Product Inspection and Sorting
We inspect every product for signs of damage and certify that they are in good condition for sorting according to manufacturer and/or type, appropriate storage, and order fulfillment.

Step 3: Inventory Update
Each product is assigned a barcode and scanned into our warehouse management system. Product quantities and storage location are encoded to guide pick-and-pack team members in order fulfillment.

Step 4: Container Reloading
Fulfilled orders are loaded back into containers for shipping, with careful attention to secure transport requirements and successful distribution by our partners.

From Inbound Delivery to Outbound Transfer

Armstrong Warehousing offers a full-cycle container de-stuffing and reloading service. At the core of our fulfillment process is a robust product handling protocol that maintains quality and function, from arrival at our location to dispatch for customer delivery.

  • Inbound Product Handling
    We handle a variety of inbound goods from our customers, in a range of shapes, sizes, and types. We carefully inspect each product for signs of damage and ensure that it is in good condition for sale.
  • Sorting for Fulfillment
    Once inspected and certified to be in good condition, our team sorts all products for storage and future order fulfillment. We carefully check and follow product specifications for safe storage in our clean, highly secure, and climate-controlled facility.
  • Inventory Update
    Each product is scanned with a unique barcode and encoded in our warehouse management system. We update the inventory status to reflect the latest product quantities, and ensure that available supply matches the demand for accurate order picking and fulfillment. Our inventory capture is fully integrated with your platform and available in real-time, allowing you to monitor order volumes and make informed decisions based on product activity and sales.
  • Reloading for Outbound Transfer
    Once orders are fulfilled, we prepare them for secure transport and distribution. Valued customers deserve nothing less than quality products. We make sure these reach customers, starting with proper container reloading and courier transfer to avoid damage.

Your Partners in Product Handling

At Armstrong Warehousing, our mission is simple: we help you reach customers with an outstanding product no matter where they are. We achieve this with a full-cycle warehousing and fulfillment process that begins with container de-stuffing of inbound delivery, and culminates in secure shipment reloading for reliable distribution.

  • Expert Materials Handling: Our materials handling expertise is second to none. Armstrong Warehousing is a leader in third-party logistics — a feat we achieved because of our passion for preserving product quality through expert handling.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Our warehouse facility is fully equipped with secure loading docks, a gated yard, 24/7 video surveillance, fire and smoke detection, and climate-controlled storage.
  • Agile Logistics Professionals: Our real strength is our people. Every Armstrong logistics professional is trained and certified at the Armstrong College, where we constantly refine best practices in product handling, and learn emerging industry trends and standards.