Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment Services

Positive customer experiences are the key to long-term relationships. We help you facilitate a smooth journey from sale to delivery. Like you, Armstrong Warehousing is in the business of keeping customers happy with fast and accurate pick and pack order fulfillment.

From Placing an Order to Guaranteed Fulfillment

Armstrong Warehousing is your trusted partner in order fulfillment. Our complete pick and pack solution takes care of the entire fulfillment process, beginning with order capture from your e-commerce platform, to distribution.

3 Steps to Pick and Pack

Order picking, packing, and fulfillment made easy. We get your products in customers’ hands exactly as ordered, in no time.

Step 1 Order capture
Our integrated warehouse management system captures orders from your e-commerce platform and updates the inventory.

Step 2 Order picking
Our logistics professional will pick products indicated in customer orders for fulfillment, retrieving them from clean, secure, and climate-controlled storage.

Step 3 Order packing
We pack and prepare orders for shipment according to specific packaging requirements and compliance standards, including shrink-wrap, CHEP pallet dimension and weight restrictions, SKU preparation, and custom paperwork.

We Support Your Sales Program

Discover the Armstrong advantage: exclusive pick and pack fulfillment solutions tailored to your company’s size, product volume, and industry, delivered by logistics professionals trained in product safety and handling, accuracy, and agility. See how we pick and pack to support your customer experience:

  • Full E-Commerce Integration
    We set up our warehouse management system to be fully integrated with your e-commerce platform. We capture customer orders upon checkout in real-time, sending automatic alerts to our logistics professionals to order pick-and-pack tasks.
  • Inventory Management
    Our warehouse management system provides full inventory tracking, allowing you to generate data-driven insights on product restocking, target production quantities, and sales performance.
  • Order Fulfillment
    Our logistics professionals take pride in accuracy and agility. We maintain the fastest order picking times, and pack orders according to customer specifications, secure transport requirements, and custom packaging to impress a high-impact brand identity upon customers.
  • Shipping and Distribution
    Once packaged for transport, we work with the most reputable courier and trucking services to deliver your products safely and on-time. We also take care of customs and importing/exporting paperwork for a smooth customer journey.
  • Returns Management
    We help you keep your customers happy. Our full cycle order fulfillment service includes return management, complete with automatically generated and prepaid return labels, instructions, and inventory updates for a hassle-free experience.

Why Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment

Scale your business for growth, and expand your footprint into new markets. Our order picking and packing fulfillment solutions help you keep up with growing customer demand for reliable e-commerce shopping and secure, on-time delivery.

  • Cost-Effective Customer Maintenance
    Streamline product delivery and reach satisfied customers sooner with our pick-and-pack order services. As your third-party logistics provider, we take ownership of the entire fulfillment process to reduce your labour, material handling, and compliance costs.
  • Efficiency
    Our logistics professionals are trained to perfection — agility and accuracy at every step of the pick-and-pack process.
  • Smaller Footprint, Bigger Reach
    Our third-party logistics solutions will fulfill your orders on your behalf through fast and reliable order picking and packing.

Trust Armstrong to Pick and Pack

At Armstrong Warehousing, we don’t just know the in’s and out’s of fulfillment — we have spent the past six decades innovating our processes to adapt to changing industry standards and market demands. Because of this, our third-party logistics solutions are the most agile, scalable, and cost-effective in the market.

  • Scalable Fulfillment: We scale our pick and pack fulfillment services to meet the demands of our clients across different industries, and according to company size, target market, and product volume.
  • Secure Facility: Our warehouse is secure with 24/7 CCTV monitoring, fire and smoke detection, and biometric access control. We keep your inventory safe at every step of the supply chain.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our materials handling equipment are superior, but even more so are the logistics professionals operating them. Our logistics professionals are continuously trained and educated in the latest logistics technology and standards, and supported with health and wellness programs to ensure agility and accuracy on the job.