Importing into Canada

Import with Armstrong

Our complete import solution prepares you for successful business in Canada. We start by ensuring your products arrive securely and cleared through customs efficiently. Discover a seamless, hassle-free way to import goods to Canada, and expand your footprint:

  • Strategic partners: Armstrong works with strategic partners, including customs brokerages, to facilitate the import of goods into Canada.
  • Compliance: Our logistics professionals are compliance experts. We work with strategic partners to ensure that your imported products meet all compliance requirements, laws, and regulations to be certified for sale to Canadian customers.
  • Customs clearance: We handle all your customs documentation and clear inbound shipments.
  • Warehousing and fulfillment: Once all your shipments are cleared, we begin warehousing and inventory management, and initiate order fulfillment for distribution and delivery to happy customers across Canada.

Importing Made Easy: The Armstrong Process

We offer a complete third-party logistics solution for managing your imports, handling Canadian customer orders, and successfully bringing your products to market. Trust us to deliver your brand’s global impact:

Step 1: Assessment
Tell us what you are importing into Canada. Our logistics experts work with strategic partners to assess your shipments, determine eligibility, and inform you of estimated customs clearance timelines, and associated costs of tariffs and duties.

Step 2: Documentation
We prepare all the required documents for importing goods as required by Canadian law. We inspect all your shipments to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and legal sale in Canada.

Step 3: Customs Clearance
With the help of our strategic partners, we process customs clearance of your imported products, and facilitate payment of required tariffs and duties on your behalf.

Step 4: Warehousing and Fulfillment
Now that your shipments are cleared and certified for sale in Canada, we bring your products to the Canadian market with our turn-key warehousing and fulfillment process.

Our Importing Solutions

Full Logistics Support From Freight to Customer Success

  • Authorized storage: Our designated customs-bonded warehouse is authorized to store imported goods awaiting customs clearance in a clean, secure, and climate-controlled facility to maintain product integrity.
  • Duties deferral: Our strategic partners work with Canadian authorities to allow deferral of payment of duties when applicable, until the goods are released for Canadian consumption.
  • Temporary imports: We can help you process temporary customs clearance for goods designed for display at conventions, exhibits, or trade shows, but not for sale, and ensure timely release to meet your project or event timelines.
  • Disassembly and reassembly: We are fully licensed to disassemble and reassemble goods for packing, handling, or transport while in our customs-bonded warehouse. We can also clean, dilute, preserve, sort and remove defective goods all in accordance with applicable laws, while ensuring that the characteristics of the goods are not materially altered prior to clearance.

Import to Canada

The stress and hassle of importing is the number one barrier to international expansion faced by countless retailers all over the globe. Armstrong Warehousing takes out the complications in the importing process to help facilitate smooth and successful global trade.

  • Convenient location: Armstrong Warehouse is conveniently located at the heart of market gateways — close to the Pearson International Airport, all the major 400-series highways, and ship and rail container depots in the GTA.
  • Strategic partners: Our partners help us process your imported goods for customs clearance, ensure compliance, and facilitate a timely release to bring your products into the Canadian market seamlessly.
  • Full-service 3PL: Our importing service is integrated with a full-service third-party logistics solution. Once released by customs, we can proceed with warehousing, order fulfillment, and distribution to help you reach Canadian customers and grow your footprint coast to coast.