Logistics Transportation Service

Our Transport Solutions

Armstrong Warehousing offers a variety of transportation modes for product delivery, as well as the most competitive rates in the market to help you reach customers, expand your market presence, and deliver a positive experience with every quality product.

  • Local and national couriers: We work with a wide range of local and national courier services to dispatch fulfilled customer orders, and ensure fast, guaranteed delivery to your customers.
  • Full Truck Load (FTL): We offer FTL transport to deliver an entire truck’s worth of inventory, and deliver as many products as possible to customers.
  • Less Than Truck Load (LTL): Our LTL service allows us to transport multiple shipments at once, and reduce your shipping and distribution costs.
  • Drayage: With our drayage services, you can ship to short distances as part of a longer route, and fill in gaps in intermodal shipping.

From Warehouse to Store Display

How We Transport Your Products

At Armstrong Warehousing, we don’t just ship your products — we make sure that they are delivered to customers exactly when needed, and as specified.

Step 1: Shipment preparation
We carefully inspect every shipment, prepare required documents, and update our integrated warehouse and vendor management portals, so you can monitor their status.

Step 2: Coordination
We select the best mode of shipping depending on quantity, delivery targets, product type, and destination.

Step 3: Dispatch
We load all shipments into appropriate containers.

The Armstrong Advantage

A Complete 3PL Solution for All Your Transport and Shipping Needs

  • Full visibility: Track all your outbound shipments on our online platform, and get real-time updates on drivers’ GPS coordinates, ETA, and proof of delivery.
  • Transborder delivery: We partner with transborder courier and trucking services to optimize customs clearance and compliance, process tariff and duties, and map out the fastest transport routes and timelines.
  • Climate control: We ship all kinds of products securely, with complete protection from damaging temperature changes and humidity exposure.
  • Dangerous goods: Armstrong is committed to safe delivery. We understand that certain products have sensitive handling requirements, and we are committed to transporting them safely.

Get to Market With Armstrong

Leave the heavy lifting and long haul to us — our large-scale transportation network means we can get your products to both current and new customers in existing and emerging markets. We handle, drive, and deliver for you:

  • Secure transport: Our delivery partners share our commitment to secure transport. Whether your shipment is a Full Truck Load, Less Than Truck Load, drayage, or others, we handle your products with care.
  • Convenient location: With our logistics facility conveniently located in the GTA, we can transport your products via major market gateways in no time.
  • Full tracking capabilities: Monitor delivery status in real-time, and track drivers’ location, route, and delivery timelines.